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Welcome to A Slice of Life. Here you will find many different things. I love to cook and will be sharing recipes that I love. I find cooking to be a joy and I love to take a basic recipe and change it to fit our taste. This blog is more than just recipes. Many recipes have a story and I plan to try to share some of those with you. I also love to read and prefer to read books by authors from the South. You might be amazed how many "local" authors have really great books. I will be hearing my thoughts on several of these and hope you will enjoy them also.
Among other things I love are folk art, most anything vintage and of course traveling.

I also am fortunate to participate in several forums that allow me to receive products and samples to try. I will be reviewing these products and telling you a little about the companies.

I hope you find something you enjoy here and come back often to see what is new. If you have any questions feel free to contact me through the Contact Us tab on this site.  

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