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40 Fun Fables

Tales that Trick, Tickle, and Teach
by Martha Hamilton & Mitch Weiss

marytblogs says………

A wonderful book of folktales that teach simple life lessons. These are easy to share stories  about animals that act like people and face many of the same problems children will face. This lovely collection contains many of the better known fables and some that I was not familiar with. All in all, an excellent book to share with children.

Publisher's Description
A fable is a kind of folktale that always teaches a lesson, which is usually stated at the end. By reading and telling fables children learn the great truths that have been passed down through the ages. Fables are full of references that we hear throughout our lives, such as “the boy who cried wolf,” “sour grapes,” and “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Fables help children learn to think critically, to think in analogies, to solve their own problems and find their own truths—skills that are central objectives of the Common Core State Standards. Our retellings of these forty fables grew out of our desire to find and retell fables that had an element of fun—something that made children laugh or perhaps had a “twist” that surprised them in some way.

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