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I have loved to read ever since I can remember. There is a picture of me at about age four with the newspaper open, reading the comic section. I read everything I could get my hands on. The Bobbsey Twins  series by Laura Lee Hope, The Case of the Cat's Meow by Crosby Bonsall and many others took me to adventures near and far. As I grew older I read Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, the Little House on the Prairie series. By seventh grade I had read most everything in the elementary school library and was allowed to go across the street to the high school to check out books. Corrie Ten Boom books as well as (now) classics like Go Ask Alice, Jonathan Livingston Sea
gull, Brian’s Song fed my imagination.  
I am sure my love for southern authors began with William O. Steele and his book Flaming Arrows. I found I loved books set in my beloved south, in the land that I knew so very well. My love for southern authors remains to this day. I also really enjoy reading lesser known and regional writers. There are so many wonderful stories out there to explore. I will never stop reading.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and discover some authors that are new to you. 

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