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Cluttered Attic Secrets
A Tina Tales Mystery

by Jan Christensen

marytblogs says………..An interesting story packed with mystery and a wee bit of romance. Tina heads out to help her friend with a little problem in the attic only to find they are dealing with a much larger problem. As the danger increases, Tina’s boyfriend wants her to leave the investigation alone. Needless to say she does the opposite. I did feel the  ending to be a bit rushed. I would have liked a better explanation of the resolution of a couple of plot lines. Other than that it was an enjoyable read.

Publishere's Description
After receiving a midnight phone call, professional organizer Tina Shaw rushes to her best friend’s ancestral home to determine if Leslie really saw a ghost. Tina doesn’t see one in the cluttered Newport, Rhode Island, Victorian attic, but does hear strange noises. While she tries to reassure Leslie, they’re drawn outside when police and firefighters arrive. A murdered man has been found in Leslie’s side yard.
A note in his pocket reads My name is Joshua Young in childish printing. Leslie’s father’s name is Joshua Young, the men are about a decade apart in age, and the man was killed outside the house where Leslie’s father grew up. Tina must help her friend find the answers to who the murdered man really was and why he was killed. And to what’s making the noises in the attic.
While Tina is absorbed in helping her friend investigate, a quarrel with her boyfriend, Hank, begins when he demands she quit because it’s too dangerous. He has ties to the police, and when Tina suspects he’s holding back information from her, her Irish temper flares even more.

The secrets behind Joshua Young’s murder are bigger than Tina ever imagined. Can the murderer be stopped before killing again?

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