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Ethel's Song
by Tori Bailey

marytblogs says........ 

What do you do when everything in your life is finally falling into place and someone from your past shows up to destroy it all? This is the challange that Ethel faces in this gripping second book by Tori Bailey. 

Publisher's Description

Thirty days can seem like a lifetime once love has been found. Ethel never believed that she could find someone to love her. Her estranged husband, Howard, and mother had left their scars on her. But Madison Barfield brought healing and fresh love. In thirty days, she would become Mrs. Madison Barfield. A time when most brides are busy with last minute details, there was one minor detail Ethel still needed to complete - her divorce from Howard. A part of her past that she hoped would stay there. Only, Madison and her two sons knew the truth about her marital status. After walking out on his wife and two young sons twenty-seven years ago, Howard has returned home. Mathias, his youngest son, was eager to reconnect with his father. His oldest son was a different situation. Thomas remembered the night their father abandoned them vividly. Unlike his younger brother, Thomas prayed that their father would never return. Madison always sensed that Howard's departure was a relief for Ethel. She never said much about her marriage, and he didn't inquire about it. He had his own baggage with his ex-wife, Liz. The only thing that mattered was he loved Ethel and wanted to marry her. Now, he wasn't sure if they would see their wedding day. Ethel's Song is the second installment of the Coming Home Trilogy by Tori Bailey. (

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Ethel's Song
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