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Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate
Crafting a Handmade Faith in a Mass-Market World
by John Joseph Thompson

marytblogs says......

A very engaging book. It makes one think about the ability to reach more folks with a more organic approach to church. One size, mass produced religion does fit all. We need to reaccess how we reach out to others.

Publisher's Description

Farmer's markets, artisanal dark chocolate, home-made bread, craft-brewed beer, and independent boutique coffee shops may not immediately call to mind issues of faith, but they should. As the “American Dream” starts to fray at both ends, millions of people are embracing values that seem to hail from a bygone era. They are seeking out the local, the small, the responsible and the nourishing instead of the cheap, the homogenized, the mass-produced and the canned.
With fascinating stories and a thread of memoir, Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate explores the emerging—actually re-emerging—values of this post-industrial age and points out parallels between them and the teaching and ministry of Jesus and his earliest followers. Rather than seeking to tie the faith to trends in the culture, it shows how trends in the culture are already very close to the organic kind of faith that could reenergize the church and bring countless young and middle-aged people into a saving experience of Christ.

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