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Lights Out In The Attic
by Judith R Schram

marytblogs says………
A humorous look at what happens as we get older. With light hearted verse the author explores the changes we go through as we age. This is a perfect “over the hill” gift for baby boomers.

Publisher’s Description

“Lights Out in the Attic” is a lighthearted, humorous and, at times, poignant look at aging for women of the boomer generation. Author Judi Schram believes that as we all inevitably go through this aging process, the best way to do it is together, and with laughter. Chapters include: Body Parts, Memory, Doctors, Marriage, Family and Friends. Each poem is accompanied by a delightful illustration by talented artist Ellen Rontal. This is a great tabletop book for stolen pick-me-up moments, as well as a perfect gift for a fellow boomer.

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