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Quaker Steel Cut Quick 3-Minute Oatmeal

I have a family of oatmeal lovers and I have always been the odd person out. I do not like the texture of traditional rolled oats when cooked.  I was excited to try steel-cut oats as I had heard they were a different texture. I was amazed at the difference that Steel-cut makes. The oats had a thicker, whole grain texture and a delightful lightly nutty taste . The blueberries and cranberries added a wonderful flavor. The oatmeal was easy to make, just put in a bowl, add water and microwave. Three minutes later you have a tasty, healthy breakfast. I am looking forward to trying the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon flavor next. Quaker Steel-cut oats have made me an oatmeal fan. I received this product free to try from BzzAgent. #GotItFree

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