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Rock Eagle
Eatonton, Ga

Just north of Eatonton is  one of
Georgia's most stunning ancient landmarks,the famed Rock Eagle Effigy Mound.Archaeologists believe
the massive effigy was build around 100-300 A.D. Archaeological excavations into the mound
over the years have found a surprisingly
small number of artifacts other than the
stones from which it was built. In the 1950s
archaeologists did find a single quartz tool
along with evidence of cremated human burials in the mound. it is uncertain if it was intended as a burial grounds or if it was built as a message to God.

The residents of the area as well as the State of Georgia have made efforts to preserve this amazing site.  During the  Depression era, workers from the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) restored the mound and built

a beautiful stone tower that overlooks the mound.The tower gives a great view of the eagle. Rock Eagle is an amazing ancient site and is free to the public.

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