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Savoring the South
Memories of EDNA LEWIS, the Grande Dame of Southern Cooking with Recipes
by Angela Mulloy

marytblogs says ……..
..I love cookbooks and even more I love cookbooks that have a backstory about the cook or the recipes. This book has both great recipies and a great story about an excellent cook.A great read for any foodie.

Publisher’s Description
SAVORING THE SOUTH serves up a treasure trove of simple-to-prepare, mouthwatering recipes and culinary insights that is sure to please home cooks and food lovers alike.
“Good Southern food is not sweet or greasy,” says Edna Lewis. “Southern food is real food, honest food, food that is based on the freshest local ingredients. It is a tasty combination of American Indian, African, and European influences and relies more on vegetables, grains, beans, fruit and fish than on meat. Southern cooking is home cooking at its best with more care in the kitchen and more respect for the seasons.”
Organized by season, complete menus savor the delights of both significant holidays and more spontaneous occasions, and each includes sumptuous recipes connected to the land and its seasonal bounty. Some of them are simple dishes of Lewis’ childhood, some are those served in Mulloy’s restaurant, and some are those Lewis developed throughout her lifetime.
Edna and Angela became good friends, often cooking together in Angela's restaurant.

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