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“Where Do You Get All Those Samples?”

I receive samples as well as products to test and give feedback on the product. By far, the best item was the Keurig I received along with 12 boxes While each company has different is some basic information. I strongly suggest that you have a separate email account to use for these types of programs as they sometimes send an offer and you need to respond quickly to get in on the program. you have a twitter and account. The more socially connected you are the broader reach their brand. If you choose to join these email me at with on these social media platforms and I will be happy to follow you.


I joined BzzAgent a few years ago and have received a vast assortment of items from shampoo, air freshener, weed killer, cereal and lots of Kroger brand products to test and review. You have tasks to complete FB posts, tweets, and blog posts for each item. You also have to keep up with your surveys to see if you qualify for the different campaigns. I have had as many as five campaigns running at one time with them. You can join by going to and signing up.


Smiley360 is similar to BzzAgent. I have tested Mineral Fusion Makeup among other products from them. I seem to qualify for products from them, but once again it is about fitting into certain demographics. I am a middle-aged woman so I would not qualify for the same things as a young woman in her 20’s.
Go here to sign up or get more info.


VoxBox is part of Influenster.Here connect social media accounts to get a social impact reach. Questions will be posted, or as they call them, snaps. These are used to qualify you for a VoxBox. I finally received a VoxBox and currently am testing a shampoo and conditioner. I also now have a You-Tube channel since you have to video the opening of your box. More info can be found here 

I also participate in PINCHme Samples are released once a month. You have to be quick to get them. They usually send an email out to remind you of the release date and time (Usually at noon on a Tuesday) While the offers are somewhat limited I have received several coffee samples as well as lotion, body wash other items. Go to to sign up.

House Party

House Party is another great sample share program when they send you the product and you have a party to share the samples with your friends. You have to post pictures and videos to prove you had the party. It is hard to get approved the parties because so many people want in.


Vocalpoint has changed a little over the years and does not seem to have as many products to test as before. Again it could just be that I am old. They do have product from time to time offered. Go to  for more information.

I am sure I have forgotten a site or two but I will update in a couple of days.

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