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The Pullman Porter

by Vanita Oelschlager

marytblogs says..........

A beautifully illustrated and informative book.Porters were hired for the Pullman cars on the railroad after the Civil War. The Porters were, for the most part, former slaves. They became very important in their communities as the places they traveled and the conversations they heard were newsworthy. They brought back news of change in America. Some of the Porters went on to be active in the Civil Rights movement. This book does a great job on shedding light on a very important, but forgotten era.

Publisher's Description
Children and adults under the age of 40 have forgotten about the Pullman Porter.
This book will teach children and adults, who the porters were and why they were
so important in our history. Porters worked in early train cars and because they
traveled the country and learned much, many Pullman porters became leaders back
in their home communities. They would read newspapers, listen to conversations,
talk among each other and see the transitions rapidly changing the country in
the decades after the Civil War. He eventually landed at the forefront of the civil
rights movement.
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