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Treasure Town
by Doug Wilhelm

marytblogs says……….

A delightful book aimed at 2nd and 3rd grade readers eases the reader into chapter book. Luis, Haley B and Speedup love to hear the story of the pirate’s hidden gold. They set off on an adventure to discover the lost treasure. There is just one problem, someone else wants to find the treasure, too. The book ends with the children doing reports on what they have learned.This is a great book to spark the love of reading in children.
Publisher’s Description

There’s a real need for distinctively original early-reader chapter books -- especially new titles that can engage emerging readers and be highly useful in the Common Core-guided classroom. Treasure Town does both in a one-of-a-kind way: it’s an interest-grabbing story and an informational text, with vivid illustrations that enhance its reader appeal.

This is a suspenseful, funny story about three kids -- one white, one African-American, one Latino -- who are determined to find the legendary buried treasure of the real-life pirate Jean Lafitte. Along with strong learning-to-read value, Treasure Town delivers vocabulary, history, and geography about old-time American pirates. The fictional tale is framed by a map and word list in the opening pages, and by nonfiction “reports” from two of the main characters at the end.

The video book trailer for Treasure Town, featuring second and third grade readers, can be viewed at, where the “Treasure Town Classroom Guide,” with extensive links to grades 2-3 Common Core standards, is available for free download. Treasure Town is distributed by the Independent Publishers Group, with discounts for bulk purchases:

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