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Have We Failed Our Children?
Be Careful What You Wish For
Troubling Times
Baking With Kids, Miracle Pie
Congratulations, Grandpa


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Have We Failed Our Children?

Today as thousands of college students were having cry-ins, utilizing therapy dogs and using play-dough and coloring books to relieve their stress over the election, my 20 year old son dressed to attend the funeral of a police officer here in Georgia. You see my son is a college student, police cadet and Army National Guardsman. He has responsibilities. He was part of the funeral detail from our local police department that attended the funeral of one of two offices shot down in cold blood a few days ago.

Be Careful What You Wish For

A Cautionary Tale

My husband and I had been married for almost twenty years on this particular Valentine’s day, We usually celebrate by exchanging cards and candy. We don’t go out to dinner or give elaborate gifts. After twenty years of marriage we know it is the little things in life that show someone you love them. Things like taking out the garbage without having to be asked, baking one’s favorite cookie, or letting the other sleep in on occasion. Those things to us, show that the other one cares far more than any tangible gift could show.

Troubling Times

In the past week we, as a nation, have mourned 5 servicemen killed at a recruiting center in Tennessee. Senseless violence. Just last night in Louisiana , a gunman opened fire in a movie theater killing at least two and wounding several others. These are just a couple of horrific events that have occurred in our nation in recent days. Here in my town, a suburb of Atlanta, we are fortunate that our crime rates have always been lower than other nearby areas. This two has changed in recent days. Just this past week a security guard, working on a local movie set. was kidnapped and sexual assaulted. Her attackers, all teenagers, have been apprehended. One suspect's father saw the news report and turned him in. We have also had three incidents by a group of males, where the victims are robbed. In recent weeks we also had a guy shoot and kill two people, wound several others, including his parents, before killing himself.  We are very fortunate that our city police department and county sheriff's department  take crime seriously. They also work to be proactive with in our community. They, however, cannot do this alone. We have to be proactive and observant citizens. It is our obligation to notify law enforcement if we see something going on that might endanger others. We cannot stop all crime before it happens, but we can be an ally  for those that protect and serve .

Baking With Kids, Miracle Pie

Baking and cooking with children can be fun and a great learning experience. Why not try making Miracle Pie? The ingredients lead you on a search through the Bible to discover whatt each ingredient is. Here is the recipe.

Miracle Pie

1 stick Genesis 18:8
1 ½ c Jeremiah 6:20
1 ½ c Leviticus 2:1
1 ½ c Hebrews 5:13
1 large can James 5:18
1 ½ c Isaiah 55:1
dash Matthew 5:13

Melt Genesis in 9x13 baking dish. Mix  Jeremiah, Leviticus, Hebrew together and pour over Genesis. Mix James, Isaiah and Matthew and pour over batter.

Congratulations, Grandpa

I grew up in a rural area of North Georgia, the youngest of two girls. My sister was.a decade older than me. The closest thing I had to a brother was my cousin Tim. Technically he is my second cousin since our grandmothers were sisters.We both loved playing outdoors,  so looking for little  critters and digging for worms were normal stuff for us.We spent a lot of time together playing outside and when we had to, inside. I learned a lot from him like what different bugs were, how to make fart noises with my armpit and most importantly, how to shoot a BB gun.
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