Have We Failed Our Children?
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Have We Failed Our Children?
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Have We Failed Our Children?

Today as thousands of college students were having cry-ins, utilizing therapy dogs and using play-dough and coloring books to relieve their stress over the election, my 20 year old son dressed to attend the funeral of a police officer here in Georgia. You see my son is a college student, police cadet and Army National Guardsman. He has responsibilities. He was part of the funeral detail from our local police department that attended the funeral of one of two offices shot down in cold blood a few days ago. Why is he so different? I would like to think we did a good job in raising him, but the truth is that he knows that life does not always go the way we want it to. When that happens, you get up and keep going. In this time where so many are upset over the election we have to keep a few things in mind.
1. Not everybody wins in an election.
2. If you are unhappy with the outcome find a cause that is important to you like gay rights, health care          reform or women's right to choose and put your energy to use to further that cause.
3. Remember that things will not change overnight. Let your opinion be known to those that make the          decisions.
4. Pray for our leaders as we go into this next chapter of life. 

I was not happy with either choice of candidates .Like many of you I had to pick the one that best fit the beliefs of my family. It does not mean I don't love my gay family members and friends. It does not mean I don't love my immigrant friends. What it does mean is I needed someone that supports our law enforcement and military. Someone that understands how the economy actually works. My candidate was not perfect, far from it, My candidate did give me reason to hope that we can grow our economy, strengthen our military and get us back to a place where we can be a society that folks want to be a part of. With that being said, I ask you all to stop the hate. Stop the mindless protesting. Stop the ugliness. Let's get on to being a country of people of all races, religions, genders that can live together and become a stronger nation. I think we also need to make a point to teach our young people that not everything goes the way you want it to. Changes happen. You have to actively support your causes in a positive manner. Ugliness and destruction does not fix anything. You are responsible for you. Try to become a better you.  Love. Pray. Forgive. Help build a better America.

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